Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monthly Update...

13 months down (as of today)... less than 3 to go!!

Another good month... crops are almost all in (a few more tomatoes to gather)... grass is slowing down. A couple of projects to complete during these next 3 months will keep us novices busy.

Over the past month:

The monastery hosted its 16th annual college faculty/staff and their families for a beginning of the year picnic on August 18th. About 300 people were in attendance (not counting our monks).

A few visitors stopped by - the entire Francis family dropping of Zak for school (do I even miss them and especially their beautiful music at the OLQM Masses), Jeff & Rachael Slipke and family (some of my wonderful former parishioners from Auburn - Rachael came into the Church while I was in Auburn), the Estis family (Joann, Buddy and 4 of their children - the 3rd or 4th time they have been through with Buddy's work) and Andy Swartzer (a former student of mine at AU and parishioner in Montgomery) who spent a day and a half here before working a week in Omaha with the USAF. It was great to see them all!!

The day at the Lake (8/20), sponsored by Br. Leven Harton's parents was a blast (as expected). A couple of brief showers did not dampen our spirits. And, as oftentimes happens at the lake, there was way too much food - but we still tried our best to get it all down!!

Football has started... Benedictine College (BC) won its first 2 games (at home 21-0 and on the road 38-19). AU is 2-0 and rising in the national ranking!! (And yes, the evil empire is also 2-0.)

BC dedicated it's new Nursing & Health Education Building to Mother Teresa on her 100th birthday (8/26)!

Nothing else of monumental importance - a few side items: my brother Barry turned 45 on 9/11, mom is doing well, Richard (and his daughter Ann Marie - my goddaughter) are planning to come to my first profession (12/8/10) and the rest of his family is doing well.

That's about all for now... and its time for bed!!

God bless,