Monday, March 14, 2011

Monthly Update...

It is the first weekday of our Spring Break... and it is SNOWING! It is a beautiful snow - as it is sticking on the ground, but NOT on the pavement!! It won't be around long because it is supposed to hit 44 today, 54 tomorrow, 67 and 70 the next two days. And after the snow/rain mix today the forecast is for a clear week. It should be a nice.

Campus Ministry at BC has been hopping. Lots of great students and a lot of work to do. Just more of the same as reported before - RCIA, Masses, Confessions, Spiritual Direction, Knights of Columbus, FOCUS, etc... all great stuff.

One note - BCM has been sponsoring a series of classes entitled "How to Pray Like a Saint". How could someone not be interested in that?!? The teacher is Dr. Matthew Ramage and the classes are excellent. I wish you were all here so you could take advantage of them... but, wait! You are in luck, as they are available on our website:

I highly recommend that you print the notes and listen to these classes.

The KCCSC (organized by BC) went very well in mid-Feb. Dr. Thomas Woods did a great job among the many good speakers. Archbishop Joseph Naumann did an outstanding job on the Sunday Mass & homily. We are very blessed to have him here.

On to Development... my training in the process of interviewing people for a feasibility study for a future monastery capital campaign begins today! I will watch a training video this afternoon and go with a professional on 4 interviews tomorrow, 1 on Wednesday and probably 1 more during the week. Next week, I go solo!! PRAY for me!!

I recently bought my airline ticket for a week vacation in May. I will be in Philly for a couple of days to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the priestly ordination of my seminary class. Then on to Montgomery for the rest of the vacation.

Not much else to report for now...

Oremus Pro Invicem!! (Let us pray for one another)

God bless,
Fr. Justin Damien Dean, OSB