Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Not exactly a "monthly" update, but an update nonetheless!

The last day of exams at Benedictine College (BC) is today as the students begin to trickle out of town. Baccalaureate Mass this Friday and Graduation on Saturday will see most of the remaining students pack their bags. It was been a great first semester for me at BC and I look forward to more in the Fall!

I was privileged to teach the 2nd half of the RCIA class.... we saw 8 come into the Church and 4 Catholics get confirmed. As always, it was a great blessing to see the Catholic faith through the "new eyes" of those becoming Catholic!

I am busy with Abbey Development also. I was involved in the Feasibility Study that is the precursor to a possible (and needed) Capital Campaign to repair our leaky roof and replace our antiquated windows (some 885 of them!). Say a prayer for its success!!

That's the big picture - and about all I have time for...

God bless,