Saturday, April 7, 2012


Sorry... long time, no update. And a lot has happened!

Things continue to cruise at Benedictine College (BC) and with College Ministry. I went on a 9-day mission trip to El Salvador with 26 college students ("Alternative Spring Break"). It was a great trip - we built 3 houses, met many of the local poor people and saw a style of life that most of us are not familiar with in the USA (it was sobering in a good way!). The students kept people up-to-date by means of a blog. If interested, check it out (read from the bottom up):

Also, the new Academic Building opened at BC - it is fantastic. And one of the first extracurricular events held there was a Symposium for the Advancement of the New Evangelization. It was well attended with great talks (and food). It was the kickoff event for the new Institute for Missionary Activity established at BC! You can check it out here:

I attended the anti-HHS mandate rally in KC on Friday, March 23rd. We have to fight hard against this Presidential administration's evil work!! Hopefully the Supreme Court will help us during the summer... Prayers needed!!

The BC students initiated a Benedict's Bowling Bonanza bowl-a-thon to help us with our Capital Campaign. Our IT person did a good job designing a website for the event ( It took place on Saturday, March 31st. I bowled a 253 (praise and credit to God - seriously!) to rake in over $15,000. It looks like we raised about $30,000 total (we will know more precisely after all of the bills and pledges get paid). It was very successful and we are already looking toward next year.

Those are the main things that have happened over the past 2 months...

May you all have a very Blessed Easter,
Father Justin Damien Dean, OSB

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