Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is what happens when you give something nice to irresponsible children:


I know one way this can be prevented from ever happening again... AU beating these bums every year in late November!!

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  1. Father

    I just watched the Marriage in Christ DVD and it really hit home with me! It was funny because everything dicussed was everything i already knew in my heart but yet I still wanted to do things my way which always lead to deeper unhappiness in my marriage. Julie and Greg are awesome - there story parrelled my husband and mine so much it was erie even- we met in College at St. Edwars University in Austin- he joined the Airforce- we got married and found ourselves stationed far away from home family and friends- weve been married almost 4 years in August and its been very difficult we almost divorced even met with lawyer- long story short i took a job in Denver to get away from my unhappy marriage - i was so excited to be in denver and on my own but shortly after i was moved on to a new project and ended up on a project in Wray Colorado basically in the middle of no where and i was so upset about being stuck here but its here where i was removed from so many distractions to be still and hear God- anyways I ve been meeting with a priest here and he let me borrow the DVD - my husband and I are on the path of repairing our marriage but this time we are letting God work through us so for the first time i hve hope! I just read that Julie and Greg are in San Antonio -- my husband may be getting
    Orders and God willing we will be moving to San Antonio August again another conicidence. Anyhow i just wanted you to know how thankful i am for your good work. Cant wait to share this series of marriage works in christs with others!