Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June update...

It's been about a month and a half... lots going on during the Summer... but catch-up first.

The school ended with a flurry of activities - talks, meetings, banquets, dinners and awards - usual activities.  We had a couple of great speakers on campus: Tom Hoenig (grad of BC and serving on the Federal Reserve Board) and George Weigel (BC Commencement speaker).

For the third time I played on the monastic team in the Bob Goalby golf tournament/fundraiser for our high school (Maur Hill-Mount Academy).  And for the 3rd time, we came in dead last (and no one was close to us)!

Senior Week activities took me to a Royals-Red Sox game... a rare home win for KC (4-3)!

The BC Baccalaureate Mass was on Friday, May 11 (Archbishop Naumann preached a great homily, as usual) and Graduation was the following day.  On Saturday night I attended a celebration of 3 locals who recently earned their doctorates - Linda Henry, Joe Wurtz and Andy Swafford.  All great folks on staff at BC!

The next day (Sunday, May 13), I left for a short home visit.  The following Saturday (May 19), I attended the priestly ordination of Fr. Brian Lager (a former FOCUS missionary whom I got to know while he was stationed in Alabama some years ago).

On May 20th I left for the U. of Illinois (Champaign, IL) to assist for 2 weeks at the FOCUS Summer Training.  It was a blast, as usual.  I met our new team of 12 great missionaries coming to BC in August.

I arrived back in Atchison last Sunday evening and we started our annual monastic retreat last night (Monday, June 4th).  We have the BC Alumni weekend coming up this Fri-Sun and on Monday I leave for 2 weeks of a Junior Institute for monks in Schuyler, Nebraska!

All is well... please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to elect our new Abbot in December.  The best way to keep in touch with me is through e-mail (father.jdd@gmail.com).

God bless,
FrJDD, osb

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